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The Baselayer Collection

Aorta™ Tracksuit Trousers

Aorta™ Tracksuit Trousers

Transform the way you feel with the Aorta™ Tracksuit Trousers  – not just activewear, but a confidence booster. Our Base Layers are designed to make you feel better, fitter, and effortlessly stylish. Embrace the warmth of performance-driven comfort and let Aorta elevate your everyday moments.
This is Your Base Layer to Better Fitness this Winter!


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✅ Benefits

- Stay Dry - A Polyester/Nylon Mix lifts the sweat away from your skin keeping you dry during your workout or match.

- Provide Support - Stabilize your Leg Muscles as you train, to reduce injuries

- Breathable Fabric - Designed to allow air circulation, helping you stay cool during exercise.

- Reduce Muscle Soreness - A tighter fit reduced muscle soreness & Fatigue

- Enhance Recovery - Greater Blood Flow = Quicker Recovery 

- Greater Comfort - No more Chafing during Strenuous Excercise!

📋 Product Features

- Drawstring Waists - Fitted for any waistline.

- Calf Zips - Forgot to put your socks on first? No worries get the right fit around the calf’s.

- Gradated Compression Design

- Reflective Logo and Highlights - Be Seen , Day or Night!

- Seams away from high abrasive areas - No more chafing cream necessary.

🧶 Material

75% Recycled Polyester- Durable, lightweight, breathable, and non-absorbent Recycled Polyester keeps you warm when wet whilst combatting odors.

25% Recycled Spandex - Stretchy and flexible, the synthetic spandex content effortlessly expands, offering you unrestricted movement, before snapping back and retaining its shape.

📦Free Shipping & Returns

We aim to process all orders in 24 hours and are proud to Ship ALL orders in the UK Free of Charge.

We are so confident in Aorta replacing your existing fitness gear, we operate ano-questions asked money back guarantee”with all our products. All we ask is you get in touch with your order number and name.

🧺 Care Instructions

  • Wash inside out with similar colours. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not Bleach
  • Do not Iron
  • Do not Tumble Dry

📏 Sizing Guide

We believe size does matter, so head over to our sizing guide to ensure we get you the right fit!

Model is 6'0, 80kg and wears size large.

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FAQs: We Have the Answers

⁉️ Is there really a “No-Questions asked” 180 Day Return Policy?

We are proud of our Base Layers, A lot of hard work and design has gone into making them the best the industry has to offer at an affordable price. If you are not satisfied with it, we’ll happily refund or replace you Aorta Product, no questions asked! All we ask is you provide your order number. Simple!

⬇️ What is a Base Layer?

A Base Layer, also known as an inner layer, is the first layer of clothing worn next to the skin. Its primary purpose is to manage moisture, regulate body temperature, and provide insulation.

📦 How Quickly can it be Delivered?

We partner with a leading fulfilment service that ships to the whole of the UK, we are adamant that your Aorta product will be with you in less than 3 days.

👍 Can I wear my Base Layer underneath other Clothes?

Ofcourse you can! 

We have designed the fabric and seamed areas to be extremely comfortable and warm ensuring it’ll feel comfortable all day even at work! So you can wear that t-shirt, jumper or football kit that you love whilst still reaping the benefits of your Aorta product.

👎 Can I wear anything underneath my Base Layer?

We would recommend that Aorta Base Layers are the first contact for your skin as it will elicit the best physiological response to help you perform and feel better.

📏 How should I choose the Right Size?

Base Layers should have a snug fit without being too tight or restrictive. A proper fit ensures effective moisture transfer and thermal regulation. Consider Our sizing chart for more information.

Sizing is always important with clothing but this is especially the case with compression garments. Compression wear will fit tighter than other sportswear clothing. This ensures the product elicits the best physiological benefits

At Aorta, we have already considered the tighter profile when designing and sizing our products and therefore recommends the below sizing guidelines when choosing a fit.

🛍️ I forgot to apply my sign up discount before Purchasing!

Not a problem, get in touch and we can help get this retrospectively applied.

🌡️ I’m not that Active, can I wear these to stay Warm?

Absolutely! Although our Base Layers are designed for running, hiking, skiing, and many other sports, we know that warmth is the number one feature necessary to create a stellar Base Layer. Not only that, but you'll look good while staying warm.

  • 🇬🇧 UK Based Shipping

    Aorta operates and ships all orders within the UK. We operate aFree Same-day Shippingservice on all our Baselayers! 📦

  • 🤝 Hassle-Free Exchanges

    We are so confident in Aorta replacing your existing fitness gear, we operate ano-questions asked money back guarantee” with all our products. All we ask is you get in touch with your order number and name.