Size Guide

We've considered the tighter profile when designing our products and recommend the below sizing guidelines for optimum compression benefits.

  • Aorta Thermal Base Layer Sizing Guide Top

    Aorta Baselayer Tops

    The Aorta Performance Baselayer Longsleeve Top offers graduated compression to the muscles that need it most ensuring you get the oxygenated blood you need

  • Aorta Thermal Tracksuit Trousers Sizing Guide

    Aorta Tracksuit Trousers

    The Aorta Performance Tracksuit Trousers products are engineered toCompress, Support and keep youDry, so every-“body” achieves greater personal performance, recovery and holistic health

FAQ: Sizing

Why the Tight fit?

Compression wear will fit tighter than other sportswear clothing. This ensures the product elicits the best physiological benefits

Should I get a smaller size than normal?

We recommend getting your normal size fit as you would any other clothing manufacture as we have factored the nuanced nature of compression wear into the products measurement.

I dont know my typical size, what should I do?

Thats OK, we can help you. We would suggest getting a measuring tape wrapping it completely around your body at the chest and waist. Then using the matrix provided above identify which sizing category best represents your findings.

Can I wear anything underneath my Aorta Baselayer?

We would recommend that Aorta Performance baselayer is the first contact for your skin as it will elicit the best physiological repsonse to help you perform better.

Can I wear my Aorta Baselayer over other clothes?

Ofcourse you can!

We have designed the fabric and seamed areas to be extremely comfortable and warm ensuring it’ll feel comfortable all day even at work! So you can wear that t-shirt, jumper or football jersey that you love whilst still reaping the benefits of your aorta product.

My order has arrived but doesnt fit right. Can I change this?

Absolutely! Send it back and well get you the right fit ASAP.