Aortas History

We started this brand with a mission of bringing a fresh approach to the sportswear market, blending practical scientific truths with meticulous design and comfort. Our creed, is regardless of sport, age or goal, we want to help you see it through.

Aorta is a Performance & Recovery focused Sports brand, dedicated to helping you achieve your PB‘s and fitness goals.

The brand is on a mission to encourage everyone to feel great through fitness without having to compromise on style, with active wear that crosses effortlessly into your everyday lives. #FeelConfidentInFitness 

Aorta was birthed in 2022 by Jamal Beckford who wanted to create a brand that empowers the Athletes in us all.

With the brand launching in 2023, it’s goal is to create a platform which encourages everyone to live a healthier lifestyle and feel confident whilst doing so.