Compression Matters!

Your body is a machine, take a look at any of your limbs, you’ll notice the darker, blue veins near the surface of the skin. These veins bring used blood back to the heart for oxygenation and renewal.

Aorta products apply pressure to these veins with the graduated compression accelerating blood flow to give your body the oxygen it needs. This means you can work harder and more efficiently for longer!

Your Skin. Your Machine

Your skin is the largest organ “on” your body and it can strecth considerably! Normal body movement expands the skin between 10-50% its normal elasticity and even more during intenste excercise.

Aorta is here to support you stretch, squat & step to your next fitness goal.

Stay Calm & Cool

Beyond assisting with blood circulation and support, your body needs to maintain a steady temperature by neither overheating or cooling down excessively.

Ergonomically located mesh panels combined with moisture wicking fabric ensures your skin venitlates waste products away keeping you dry, cool and in the game all year round.